You will receive this at least 10 days before the hearing date, so you will have plenty of time to prepare for your hearing and to plan for the day.  The notice shows the date, your appeal number, details of the property in question and the hearing venue’s address.

All hearing days start at 10:30am however, nearer the date, when we know how many people are likely to attend, we may be able to give you an approximate time for when your appeal is likely to be heard.

Before your hearing date we will contact you, to check if you will be attending the hearing and to give any help that we can.

You can attend the Tribunal hearing or you can send a representative (for example, a friend, a solicitor or a surveyor) to speak for you, whether or not you will be there yourself. If you are not going to be there with your representative, we must have an email from you confirming which person you have asked to represent you. We must receive this information before your appeal is due to be heard.

If you cannot attend the hearing date, you have no one to represent you, and if there is a good reason, you may request a postponement. Alternatively, you can ask for your case be considered without you being there, this is called a Hearing in Absence (HIA). Your appeal will be considered based on your written evidence.