You can search here for Tribunal decisions and for information about appeals that are listed for hearing in the next few weeks. You can do this for council tax valuation and invalidity appeals, or for non-domestic (business) rates appeals. You can also search for decisions on council tax liability (but not list information).

Please note that only council tax valuation (banding) decisions made since November 2005 are available here and council tax liability decisions are available from July 2011 to September 2019.

The database of decisions and listings is normally updated and refreshed daily.

Click here to access the decisions and list information.

Although conflicting decisions of panels are undesirable and panels will look carefully and respectfully at the reasoning of a panel in an earlier decision, a VTE decision is not a binding precedent and a panel is not obliged to follow or apply a decision of an earlier panel. It is, however, expected that a decision of the President or a Vice-President on a point of law in a fully reasoned decision would normally be followed in a later case.

To view decisions and lists of hearings for Check challenge appeals (2017 rating list) please click here.

There are some VTE decisions that can only be viewed by clicking here. Currently these include decisions on invalidity of proposals, as a preliminary issue.



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