Our new appeals and listing service is now available, allowing you to search for and download information in .csv format.

You can search here for Tribunal decisions and for information about appeals that are ready for listing or which have been listed for hearing in the next few weeks. You can do this for

  • non-domestic (business) rates appeals on the 2017 rating list
  • council tax valuation (banding) and invalidity appeals
  • council tax liability appeals
  • penalty appeals.

Please note that only council tax decisions made in the last six years are available, as required by the regulations that govern us.

The database of decisions, registered appeals and listings is normally updated and refreshed daily.

We welcome any feedback about this new service.

Click here to access the appeals and listing service.

To view decisions and lists of hearings for non-domestic (business rates) appeals on rating lists before 2017 please click here .

There are some VTE decisions that can only be viewed by clicking here . Currently these include decisions on invalidity of proposals, as a preliminary issue.