(incorporating Business Plan for 2018-19 Financial Year)

Our Corporate Plan 2018-21 includes our Business Plan for 2018-19. It sets out our priorities for this financial year and our aims for the next three years that will assist us in strengthening our role.

The ‘check’ and ‘challenge’ parts of government’s legislative reforms for non-domestic rating appeals against the 2017 rating list are now in place. However, appeals are currently slow to manifest. We expected appeals under CCA to take some time to arrive as they first need to progress through the formal VOA stages. We also wait to see how the new requirement for a fee to be paid in order to make an appeal will impact.

In the meantime, the internal reforms introduced to facilitate a more focussed disclosure and exchange process aimed at better preparing parties for a hearing for non-domestic rating appeals has achieved significantly greater clearance rates by encouraging settlements.  The Consolidated Practice Statement implemented in July 2017 has provided a more straightforward framework leading up to a tribunal hearing.

The last year has been another one of great change and the pace of change will inevitably continue to present challenges for us in an environment where there is pressure on public funding whilst demands on services rise.

Chief Executive & Chief Operating Officer