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Please read this information before you fill in the appeal form

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 The Valuation Tribunal is independent and is not connected with the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) or the council.

A completion notice lets you know when a council thinks that a new property is complete or will be completed if any work still to be done on your property could reasonably be finished within three months. Council tax or business rates may be charged on the property from the date shown on the completion notice.

If you think that the work on the property is not finished and won’t be finished by the date on the completion notice, you can appeal directly to us. If you want to appeal, you must contact us within four weeks of receiving the completion notice.

The Tribunal president may accept a late appeal if there were circumstances beyond your control that stopped you from making your appeal in time. When you send us your appeal form, you should also explain in writing why it is late. There is a form on our website for this at https://www.valuationtribunal.gov.uk/forms/late-application/ or you can ask us for a printed copy.

The Tribunal can only decide on the correct date if you make a completion notice appeal.

If the property is already in the rating or valuation list and you consider that it should not be, you may also want to submit a proposal to the Valuation Office Agency to delete the entry from the list.

How to fill in the appeal form

By law, (regulation 19 of the Non-Domestic Rating (Alteration of Lists and Appeals) (England) Regulations 2009 as amended), you must give us this information to make an appeal.

We need your name or, if you are making an appeal for someone else, their name.

We need the address and postcode of the property you are appealing about.

Please tell us if you want us to write to you at a different address from the one you have written down in section 2. Most people put their own case forward and you do not have to use a surveyor or solicitor. But you may prefer to have someone else deal with your appeal, either a professional person such as a surveyor, or a family member or friend. We need to know the name of anyone dealing with the appeal for you and how to contact you or them.  A phone number helps us make contact quickly, in any case.

We would prefer to send you notices and contact you by email. If you are happy with that, please give us your email address. If you would rather we used other ways please tick the ‘By phone/post’ box.

Because there are time limits as we explained above, we need to know the date the notice was sent to you and you must send us a copy of the notice you are appealing against. We will not be able to accept your appeal without it.

Please tell us why you disagree with the date on the completion notice.

Other information

When we have received your appeal, we will send you a letter telling you what happens next. We will also send you a guidance booklet, or you can look at this on our website, www.valuationtribunal.gov.uk. The website sections ‘Preparing for the hearing’ and ‘About the hearing’ may help you. You can also see a list of the hearing venues we use.

Your local council will be able to answer any questions you have about council tax bills or payments. You must still pay your council tax bill, even if you are making an appeal to the Tribunal.

Data Protection

By law (regulation 28(2) of the Valuation Tribunal for England (Council Tax and Rating Appeals) (Procedure) Regulations 2009) we have to send a copy of your appeal form to the council.

We will only use the information you give us in connection with your appeal, as the data protection laws allow. The VTS has to use your data to carry out its official duties. We keep the information until four months after the appeal is closed and we have to keep a record of the decision for six years.

As a user of our service, you could give us valuable feedback. We may wish to use your contact details to seek anonymous, statistical feedback to improve the service we provide. As it is in the public interest that we carry out our duties as well as we can, we can use an independent research company, bound by contract and professional conduct standards to handle personal data securely. You may of course refuse to take part in the survey if you are contacted.

You can read more about how we handle your personal data and your rights in our Privacy Notice, which is on our website, at https://www.valuationtribunal.gov.uk/privacy/ or you can ask us for a copy.

 Our Data Protection Officer can be contacted by email: dpo@valuationtribunal.gov.uk, or by writing to:

Data Protection Officer
2nd Floor, 120 Leman Street
London E1 8EU