The Valuation Office Agency (VOA) may decide that a proposal to them does not meet the requirements of the regulations in some way. The VOA can decide this at any time before the appeal is determined by the Tribunal. Sometimes in these cases, the VOA will issue an invalidity notice to the proposer.

These are the most common reasons for a proposal not being valid:

  • You did not include the required rental information.
  • You did not fill in the proposal properly. For example, you did not give reasons why you believed that the rateable value was wrong or you did not give full information about a decision of the Valuation Tribunal or a higher court that you thought was relevant to your case.
  • You did not have the right to make a proposal. For example, you were not the occupier, owner or tenant of the appeal property when you made the proposal.
  • The Valuation Tribunal or a higher court has already considered an appeal on the same facts in relation to the same property.

You may appeal against this notice and argue that your proposal is indeed valid.

The first step is to send a ‘notice of disagreement’ to the VOA. Unless the VOA withdraws the invalidity notice within four weeks of receiving that, they must let the Tribunal know about this appeal.

Your appeal will be considered by the Tribunal at a hearing. You will need to satisfy the Valuation Tribunal that the reason given by the VOA is wrong.  The Tribunal is independent of the VOA and the council.


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