Valuation Tribunal for England LogoWhat we can’t do

The Tribunal is independent and can only do what the law gives it the power to do.  It must be fair and impartial to both sides involved in appeals.  The Tribunal cannot:

  • change the law. The Tribunal has to apply the law as it stands, even if that leads to an outcome that you think is unfair;
  • take into account whether you can pay your council tax or non-domestic rates demand;
  • hear appeals about why you have not paid your council tax bill;
  • award costs;
  • advise you whether you have a case;
  • give an opinion about whether you are likely to win or lose your appeal;
  • advise you if you should appeal or not;
  • help you prepare your case.

Please also note that the Valuation Tribunal cannot assist you in the following matters:

Complaints about the council or Valuation Office Agency

  • These organisations will have their own complaints procedures, which you should follow before resorting to contacting the relevant Ombudsman.

Lease/rent disputes

  • If you are in dispute with your landlord regarding your rent, or wish to obtain advice about extending your lease or purchasing the freehold on your property the Property Chamber – Residential Property may be able to help.

Paying your council tax or rates bill

  • We are not involved with the collection of rates or council tax. If you wish to discuss paying these bills, or are experiencing financial hardship, you should contact the council, who can provide advice and discuss payment methods with you.

Property compensation

  • You should first raise any issues with the organisation concerned.
  • Further advice might be available from the Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber) which deals with appeals about such matters as ‘planning blight’.