Register of VTS Board Members’ interests as at 1 April 2017

Name Role at VTS Remunerated employment Remunerated directorship Significant (>3%) shareholdings Political activity Public appointments Gifts/hospitality offered Other
Martin Allingham Non-executive Board member Member of Governance, Audit & Scrutiny Committee Fire Authority (Humberside Fire & Rescue); member of Joint Audit Committee Humberside Police Service and PCC none none none none none Member of Humberstone Lions Club; Trustee of Grimsby Citizens Advice; Duke of Edinburgh Scheme, Grimsby
Neil Buckley Non-executive Board member Chief Executive, Legal Services Board none none none none none Member of the Law Society
Robin Evans Non-executive Board member none none none none Council and Committee member of University of Reading none none
Gary Garland ex-officio Board member none none none none Deputy District Judge (MC), Ministry of Justice none Member of the Bar; Member of Honourable Society of the Middle Temple
Lola Moses Non-executive Board member General Counsel and Company Secretary British Tourist Authority; Company Secretary of Englandnet Ltd and VisitBritain Ltd; Consultant, Obelisk Legal Support none none none none none Committee member, Commerce & Industry Group London Region; Consultant Bar Standards Board
John O'Shea Acting Chair, non-executive none none none member of the Labour Party Councillor of North Tyneside MBC none Trustee of the Virgin Mary Trust, Newcastle upon Tyne
Dr David Horne Independent member, VTS Audit & Risk Assurance Committee Finance business partner East Sussex Council; Finance associate HM Inspector of Constabulary Independent committee member: Brighton & Hove City Council (Audit); Mid Sussex District Council (Standards); West Kent Clinical Commissioning Group (Finance) none none none none Audit & Risk Assurance Committee member Citizens Advice, national; Trustee of Wealden Citizens Advice; member of CIPFA Disciplinary & Standards Committee