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Valuation Tribunal for England

The VTE is the judicial arm of the Valuation Tribunal. The VTE is headed by a President.

There are two Vice-Presidents. The President and the Vice-Presidents are all appointed by the Lord Chancellor and receive remuneration for the work they do.

The VTE chair and members are appointed by the Lord Chancellor. They are non paid and can claim expenses and, where necessary, earnings lost due to their approved tribunal duties.

All appointments have been made through the Judicial Appointments Commission (JAC) following application, test and interview.  Many of the current membership are lawyers, although a legal qualification is not a requirement. Each member, regardless of their background, has to meet the post-holder criteria.  All members are required to undertake and pass training on the subject matter in which they hear appeals, as well as observe proceedings before commencing sitting. Members are also required to undertake continuous development training.

Normally two members will convene as a panel to hear an appeal (although this may be varied by the President). However, each panel must consist of at least one senior member (either the President, a Vice-President or a chairman).

As a judicial body, any complaints about a member’s conduct are dealt with by the President, or another judge nominated if there is a conflict. After initial consideration or investigation, if an allegation looks serious, then the matter is referred to the Judicial Conduct Office. The process is governed by the Judicial Conduct (Tribunal ) Regulations 2014. The President can only consider matters of misconduct; any complaint about how a member may have exercised a discretion or decided a case, or any other judicial decision can only be challenged by formal appeal to a higher tribunal or court.

VTE members are required to abide by a set of Terms and Conditions.

The VTE is supported in its work by the Valuation Tribunal Service.