The panel will normally follow the model procedure set out in the Practice Statement.

The panel will decide who will put their case first, but if you would prefer to give your case first or second, please let us know.

During the hearing:

• the panel will ask you and the VOA or council to present your cases
• you will be able to ask the VOA or council questions
• the VOA or council will be able to ask you questions, and
• the panel and the clerk can ask you and the VOA or council questions.

Before the panel retires to make its decision, it will ask you if you would like to summarise your case (in other words, go over the main points of your case again).

The panel may decide to inspect the property or its locality, though this is not usual.

The panel will retire to consider its decision once it has all the evidence it needs. The clerk will be asked to join the panel at some point, to assist with technical or legal advice and to help draft the decision.

The decision will not be given on the day; it will be sent in writing, normally within one month of the hearing date.