If you have any problems getting to the hearing on the day, please contact the office. We hold hearings around the country in a variety of types of local venues, but there should be staff present or signs to direct you to the hearing room.

Normally, you will be met at the hearing room by the clerk who will point out the facilities at the venue, the procedure for the hearing, the timetable and where to sit.

Usually an appeal will be heard by a panel of two members of the Valuation Tribunal. They will be introduced to you.

The clerk will be in the hearing room, near to the members. You will see the representative of the Valuation Office Agency, or the council there, and you may know them from your negotiations prior to the hearing.

There may be other appellants present, waiting to have their cases heard or, rarely, other members of the public observing. Tribunal proceedings are public hearings and only in exceptional circumstances can members of the public be excluded from observing.

The hearing is as informal as possible and we will try to put everyone at ease, but these are judicial proceedings and a degree of formality is inevitable.

Hearings typically last about an hour. However, it depends on the complexity of the case and how much evidence each side presents.